For Sale Mcmillan for Rem 700 short action, pillars, inlet for Surgeon DBM by LRI

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    Dec 25, 2014
    This stock is made by Mcmillan and sold exclusively by Precision Stock Works as the "rifleman". It's almost manners-ish in some ways but better. I really really like this out of all the custom stocks I've owned and sold over the years. This one came with factory installed pillars setup for BDL bottom metal. I sent it to LRI and they inlet it for Surgeon bottom metal. Surgeon bottom metal is included. Two sling swivel studs up front, two flush cup mounts on the off side. Normal fill. It's really an incredible stock. Fits Remington 700 RH bolt, short action Varmint barrel channel. Surgeon bottom metal was relieved in the back inside for a custom trigger. Not visible from the outside.


    $850 shipped takes it. Paypal +4% or friends and family.


    It weighs 2.55lbs as measured on a calibrated mettler toledo scale, not a bathrrom scale.


    Relieved for custom trigger


    More pics: