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  1. X-Ray's Stick

    How many times have you thought about which rifle you would keep if you could just keep one?
  2. Barrel Life: A Screed of Old Standby & the Math of the Matter

    When you talk about “barrel life”, exactly what you are talking about is of paramount importance but isn’t clarified by the simple words “barrel life”.
  3. Effective Game Killing - Part 2

    The speed of incapacitation or what we call fast killing is one method for which the hunter is able to measure a cartridge’s effectiveness on game in comparison to other cartridges.
  4. Tikka T3 CTR 6.5 Creedmoor + Swarovski Z8i = One Fine Hunting Rig

    As a gun writer with many years under my belt, I have looked through a lot of scopes and it still amazes me how bright and clear the Swarovski optics are in any light conditions.
  5. What's In Len's Backpack?

    Which 51 items are in Len's backpack?
    By Len Backus

    A couple weeks ago I had my hunting stuff spread out on the floor in front of me as I organized for an upcoming annual DIY mule deer hunt in eastern Montana. I get so many questions from LRH members about what’s a good widget to use for whatever. Plus we have a constantly growing number of members who are learning about how to get into western state DIY hunting. So I decided then and there that when I returned from the hunt I would write...
  6. Len's Big Mule Deer Taken With The New LRR Mountain Rifle

    Len's Big Mule Deer Taken With The New LRR Mountain Rifle
    By Len Backus

    Three years ago I booked an LRH Group Deer Hunt with Robb Wiley of Non-Typical Outfitters for 2015. Three years is a long time to wait when you are relentlessly teased over the years with pictures of other big bucks taken by his clients in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Finally it was September of 2015.
    I had planned to hunt with my own rifle in the very popular new 28 Nosler cartridge but made a last minute change. In mid-summer...
  7. 7 Days in Eastern Cape South Africa

    My dad Floyd and my stepmother Janice had been to South Africa twice, and upon their return the second time in 2014 they said they were going back again in 2016. I had always thought that when my dad started going to Africa, it would be very special for me to join him on an African safari. So I told him that I definitely would be going with him and my stepmother in 2016.

    The toughest part about going was convincing my darling wife Sonja that I needed to go because not many people get a...
  8. Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 Rifle Scope With New Exposed Elevation Turret

    My introduction to Nightforce optics happened only several years ago as I first became addicted to long range hunting. I had recently found and delved into a world of information about long range shooting and hunting that I could have only dreamed of. At that point I had never even heard of Nightforce, and at the time local stores didn't even carry the brand.
  9. Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks

    Hunting High Country Mule Deer Bucks

    By Allen Jones

    I had always dreamed of sheep hunting. I think I read everything Jack O’Connor wrote on the subject, and the thought of getting my sights on one of those keen eyed, curly horned mountain dwellers sometimes kept me awake at night. After moving to Colorado in 1975, I started sending in my application for the limited draw license. Finally, in 1987, my dream became a reality. The coveted tag arrived in the mail. But that story will have to...
  10. Selecting Varmint Calibers

    Selecting Varmint Calibers

    By Jared Bauder

    As I dust off my guns from the winter infestation of cold and snow, I think about the gun options for the varmint season. Phrases like, “speed kills” and “going out with a bang” usually come to mind. Despite the usual suspects (Figure 1), I find myself migrating to the best ratio of effective range, cost, and explosive terminal performance.

    Typical varmint calibers include .17, .20, .22, and .243. Varmint loadings use light-for-caliber bullets to...
  11. 40 Rounds to Perfect PRS Practice

    40 Round Perfect PRS Practice

    By Jim See

    You must ask yourself, am I practicing for performance or am I just out here burning powder? Think about that for a minute... are you getting the best return on your practice investment? Well this article is going to give you some well-deserved advice on getting the most out of the fewest rounds.
    I rarely shoot 100 yard groups, ever... About the only time I fire at 100 yards is after loading a new batch of ammo (300-400 rounds) and that is to...
  12. Sinclair Varmint Rifle Cradle Review

    Sinclair Varmint Rifle Cradle Review

    By Glenn Burroughs

    For longer than I like to admit, my rifles were cleaned by laying them on a work bench that had a carpet top. If the rifle was a target-type with a flat forearm bottom I would lay the forearm on the carpet with the butt off the table and the rifle could be cleaned easily enough. But the rest of the rifles had to be laid on their side… not a very handy situation.

    One day while browsing through Sinclair International’s website I came...
  13. Level It And Color It Done

    Level It And Color It Done

    By Les Voth

    X-ray just built a new rifle. In his search for the ultimate caliber/rifle combo he has been through many. As a past shooting competitor, he knows what works. Working as a paid hunter, X-ray's real world experience eclipses the fantasy worlds of most.
    From .243s to 6mm SLRs, 308s to .338 Normas, 6.5 Creedmoors to 22-243s, his use of and collection of working rifles is extensive. Heck, who needs a .338 Norma to shoot coyotes? X-ray! He called me a...
  14. Comparing The Top Chronographs On The Market

    Comparing The Top Chronographs On The Market

    By Len Backus

    For quite a few years I used the $600 Oehler brand three-screen chrono. For decades it was considered the best. And it probably still is the best screen-based chrono out there.

    But even it would sometimes fail to read in tricky light conditions. If you have to drive a ways to shoot, you NEVER want a failure-to-read situation. And setting up the screens was a bit of a pain in the butt. And of course for those who shoot at busy...
  15. Windage Compensation

    Windage Compensation

    By Jack Peterson, Producer of Best of the West TV Show

    Anyone that has spent much time in Wyoming knows that the wind can really blow here. According to the University of Wyoming’s website at, “Wyoming contains over 50% of the United States’ top categories for wind energy resource”. Whether it’s the plains of eastern and southern Wyoming or the mountain valleys and peaks of the western Rockies, the wind can be a factor for hunters on any given day of the...